Our Four Step Process


Participation in community outreach programs and ministries is the primary way we meet the survivors who come to work at Sanctuary Project.


Advocating on behalf of survivors and helping them get their recovery needs met, such as safety, housing, healthcare, and counseling.


Offering employment and job training to women who are survivors of trafficking, violence, and addiction.


Supporting and encouraging survivors in their journey towards lives of economic freedom, educational advancement, faith, and recovery through mentorship and community.

01 | Outreach

Our active participation in local recovery communities, jail outreaches, and parternships with local anti-trafficking organizations guide our outreach efforts to survivors.

Occasionally, we are contacted directly by a survivor or a family member who wants to help a loved one. Often survivors are referred to us by a former employee who started her journey to economic freedom at Sanctuary Project. But most frequently we meet the women we employ through our cooperation and participation in partner organizations and ministries.

​However we meet a new survivor, our first priority is always to ensure that she has the care and safety she needs to begin her recovery journey.

02 | Advocacy

Women who have recently come out of trafficking, violence and addiction often lack safe housing, have intense trauma, and are economically disenfranchised. Having all of these needs adequately addressed is essential for successful recovery, but getting them met is a very difficult process for a survivor to walk through alone. Through our network of partner organizations, we advocate on behalf of women we meet in the community who are survivors, and come alongside them to help address vital care and safety needs for their recovery.

03 | Employment

Returning to the workforce in early recovery can be daunting and difficult. Sanctuary Project's team of Survivor - Leaders knows that first hand because we’ve all been there before. The heart of our mission is to create a space where survivors can come and work, confident they’ll be surrounded by a community that understands.

Our job training program, designed for women who are in the early days of their recovery journey, involves 8 hours a week of "Sanctuary" time, job training activities, jewelry making and order fulfillment. This number might seem small, but our goal is to be her first job in recovery. We are a safe landing place for a survivor to regain confidence in herself and start building her economic freedom, all while leaving her enough time to focus on the essential heart work, counseling, and healing of recovery.

04 | Empowerment

As survivors in community with each other, we spread the joy of a life redeemed to the next woman who is reaching for freedom. The true joy that our survivor-leaders have found in faith and recovery is our greatest weapon against the ravages of trafficking, violence and addiction, and a gift to pass on to the women in our job training program.

Because our mission is to be a safe landing in the workplace for newly recovered women, our goal is for our employees to move on from our community of jewelry makers when they are ready and to have them secure full time jobs, go back to school, advance themselves, and achieve economic freedom. When a survivor is ready for full-time work, we celebrate this major recovery milestone!

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