Impact Report

We are so grateful for the ways your support has impacted the lives of survivors of trafficking, violence, and addiction at Sanctuary Project through our Job Training and Survivor Leadership Programs.⁠

We've seen lives changed, heard stories of hope and healing, and witnessed powerful transformations this year, because of the incredible support of our amazing customers, donors, and wholesale partners.

Your support has been the most beautiful gift to our community this year. We are excited to continue on with you into 2022, and are looking forward to another year of employing and empowering more women, seeing more lives and hearts transformed here at Sanctuary Project.

With Gratitude,

The Sanctuary Project Leadership Team

What Your Support Made Possible This Year


Hours of Survivor Employment


New Survivors Employed


Survivors Helped Through Our Job Training Program

How Your Support Empowers Survivors

Because of your abundant support this year we have not only been able to employ more survivors, but we have been able to empower our women more than ever before. Here are some of the empowering moments we saw at Sanctuary Project this year:

• one of our survivors bought her own car⁠one of our survivors became a house mom for a sober living facility

• ⁠one of our survivors started her own nonprofit helping exploited girls⁠

• one of our survivors started an internship in social work with Caritas⁠

• one of our survivors became a mother⁠

• one of our survivors completed EMDR through our partnership with Louder Than Silence⁠

• our team launched a podcast calling attention to all the ways we've found sanctuary⁠!

How Your Purchases Fully Fund Our Mission

We encourage the women we serve to become financially self supporting and we have always had this goal for ourselves as well. Sanctuary Project was designed so that we could one day fully fund our nonprofit activity through jewelry sales...and WE DID IT!

In 2021 our sales fully covered all of our employment and operating expenses for the entire year for the first time! We are so excited about this major milestone in our mission, and we are blown away by how you all have made this dream possible for us so much sooner than we ever imagined!

What this means is that we can now use the donations we receive to start dreaming about how we can expand the services Sanctuary Project offers to survivors. If you’d like to receive updates about financial partnership with us on new projects in 2022, you can click on the link below to sign up for opportunities and updates!

National Attention on Anti-Trafficking

We are honored to be one of the survivor voices lifted up in the media this year as experts in our field, and to have had the opportunity to speak into new spaces about survivor advocacy, justice, and re-entry into the workforce. 

Here are some of the places our work was featured this year :












How to Get Involved in 2022

None of the amazing growth we've seen this year would be possible without you, and all we hope to do in the future for survivors can't happen without your continued support for our mission. We have big dreams for this community, and we are in the early stages of planning to expand the support and services we offer to survivors of trafficking, violence and addiction beyond employment. If you have a heart to see lives restored, hearts healed, and women lifted up in community with other survivors there are 3 ways you can partner with us and the work we do here:

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