Restoring the Lives of Survivors

Sanctuary Project is a social enterprise jewelry brand providing meaningful employment and job training to women who have survived lives of trafficking, violence, and addiction. We are a survivor-run organization with a 501c3 nonprofit Foundation arm, offering a safe community for women in transition to grow in practical skills while restoring their lives and hearts.

Ongoing Support

Sponsor a Survivor Program

Our programming provides a safe landing place for a survivor to regain confidence in herself and start building her economic freedom. As a survivor sponsor we invite you to partner finacially, walking alongside her in that journey.

Survivors in our job training program are offered two 4-hour shifts in the week for a total of 32 hours of employment per month. As a survivor sponsor, you are helping to provide one day, one week, or one full month of employment. This empowerment is vital to her healing process and your aid makes a world of difference.

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